Facultative compensation


Epitomizes a huge advantage for companies with a staff exceeding 25.

The effective wording of the Employment Act No. 435/2004 Coll., and of the executive regulation No. 518/2004 Coll., obligate any and all employers ? including state institutions and budged organizations ? to employ citizens with limited work capability (hereinafter only LWC individuals) within the amount of mandatory share. In case of an employer with a staff exceeding 25, the mandatory share equals 4 % of the total staff number.

The abovementioned mandatory share may be met ? pursuant to Section 81 ? in 3 ways:

a) Through employing citizens as per the mandatory share

b) through payments made to the state budget

c) through withdrawing products, goods and services from an employer employing more than 50 % of LWC staff.

Point a) is an ideal situation, wished for by the law

Point b) means payments of c. 45 000 CZK per one non-employed LWC member of staff (i.e. a 2,5 multiple of an average monthly salary earned in the state sector, as announced for Quarters I to Quarter III of the pertinent year).

Point c) means withdrawing services or goods from company Lederer Ltd. worth approximately 190 540 CZK, V.A.T. not included; that is c compensation of giving a job to one LWC member of staff (i.e. a sevenfold of the average monthly salary paid over Quarters I to III of the respective year).

Company Vladimír Lederer is an employer employing 100% of LWC staff, and is by virtue of law eligible to provide its customers with a Declaration of word of honour on the so-called facultative compensation which replaces the obligation to employ LWC citizens. The said Declaration will be upon request mailed to all customers upon the end of the year.

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